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Plant 1

Status of our factory facilities

Plant 1 Production Line

In order to provide reliable products, we maximize the realization of customer satisfaction
through strict quality control and active quality assurance.

  • 워터펌프 로타, 마그넷 가공라인 Water Pump Rotor,
    Magnet Machining Line
  • 슈펴차져 풀리 가공라인 Super Charger Pulley
    Machining Line
  • 슈퍼차져 슬리브 가공라인 Super Charger Sleeve
    Machining Line
  • 모터샤프트 연마라인 Motor Shaft Grinding Line
  • 휠실린더 수동 가공라인 Wheel Cylinder Manual
    Machining Line
  • 휠실린더 자동 가공라인 Wheel Cylinder Auto
    Machining Line
  • 휠실린더 자동조립 라인(B) Wheel Cylinder Auto
    Assembly Line
  • 휠실린더 수동 조립라인 Wheel Cylinder Manual
    Assembly Line